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A.Vogel Venagel
Made from extracts of fresh horse chestnut, Venagel helps soothe tired, aching legs, providing cooling relief to legs that feel weary, heavy and uncomfortable – fantastic after a night out or a day’s shopping. It is also useful for long journeys and can be used during pregnancy (RRP Venagel 100ml €16.75). A.Vogel has teamed up with Naturally Good Health to offer readers the chance of winning one of 20 packs of Venagel Horse Chestnut Gel.





CherryActive concentrate and capsules are premium quality nutritional supplements designed for the modern lifestyle. Chosen by consumers serious about maintaining good health and who appreciate the benefits of the highest quality products, CherryActive concentrate contains 100 per cent natural ingredients and is packed full of antioxidant-rich Montmorency cherries – no added preservatives, sugars, colours or flavours. Just add to water, smoothies or natural yogurt. CherryActive capsules contain no anti-caking, filling agents or additives. Naturally Good Health is offering readers the chance to win one of five bundle packs, containing a 473ml bottle and 30 capsules.





Solo Nutrition Super Enzyme
Naturally Good Health has teamed up with Solo Nutrition to offer readers the chance of winning one of 12 bottles of its Super Enzymes. This supplement has been created using digestive enzymes to help maintain a healthy digestive system. The main families of digestive enzymes are amylase, which digest carbohydrates, starch, protease, which digest protein, and lipase, which digest fats/oils. Super Enzymes contains these enzymes, plus bromalain and papain, found in pineapples and unripe papayas. Solo has added lactase, sucrase, cellulase and maltase to give a complete digestive complex.





Pharma Nord BioActive Q10 30mg
BioActive Q10 30mg is a Q10 supplement with vitamin C, which
contributes to the body’s energy-yielding metabolism and to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. The unique mix of vegetable oil, coenzyme Q10, and a special heat treatment provides a high and proven bio-availability. Naturally Good Health is offering readers the chance of winning one of three boxes.






Ben & Anna Natural Soda Deodorant
Naturally Good Health has teamed up with the new brand, Ben & Anna, to offer readers the chance of winning one of 10 Indian Mandarine Deodorants. The Indian Mandarine Deodorant perfectly combines a blaze of orange and the freshness of citrus to captivate your senses. Created for fellow vegans by dedicated vegan couple, Ben and Anna, who were struggling to find an effective vegan and natural substitute, the special blend of shea butter, arrowroot and bicarbonate soda helps to keep your underarms comfortable, dry and smelling fresh all day. The Ben & Anna Natural Soda Deodorant Sticks are certified natural, organic and vegan.











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