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Banishing the fitness myths

We are bombarded with advice these days, whether from our nearest and dearest, on the internet or across our social media feeds that it can be hard to know right from wrong when it comes to being active. And now, new research has revealed the six popular gym myths that people still believe, thanks to the very conflicting information about fitness that is out there.
The poll, from PureGym, has revealed the most common misconceptions about training (in percentages, according to gym managers):
• Cardio is the number one way to lose weight: 71 per cent.
• Lifting weights will result in a bulky physique: 71 per cent.
• Women should do different exercises to men: 43 per cent.
• Not feeling sore means you didn’t get a good workout: 34 per cent.
• If you don’t sweat, you didn’t work out properly: 20 per cent.
• You shouldn’t do cardio on the same day as weight training: Eight per cent.

A PureGym spokesperson explained: “Sweating is just a response to an increase in your core temperature and is your body’s way of cooling down. Some people may naturally sweat more than others and some people may find they don’t sweat much, so it isn’t necessarily a measure of how hard you worked. While men and women may have different preferences on which body parts they want to focus on and train, our genetic makeup is the same (we’re humans after all) so I don’t see why women and men should have to perform different exercises. The exercises you choose should be based on your personal preference, needs and goals and not be defined by your gender.”

She continued: “It’s okay to perform cardio and weight training on the same day, as long as this is based around your needs and goals, but give yourself enough time to rest and get adequate nutrition. There are athletes and gym goers who do cardio and weight training on the same day. Ultimately, how you train, and your exercise selection, should be based around what’s best for you and your goals.”