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Motivation makeover

Black lady doing a virabhadrasana pose

If you’re feeling sluggish and lacking in motivation, there’s plenty you can do to lift your energy levels. And the experts at Spatone are here to help with some top tips on how to get back to doing physical activity.

• Slowly get back to being active: We all know exercise gives you energy and is key for a healthy immune system. However, going from sitting on
the sofa to running 10ks is going to wreak havoc on your body. Instead, try steadily getting back into exercise with low impact. Classes like yoga and barre or even power walking are a great way to build muscle strength without the harsh impact of HIIT. If you really love running and getting outdoors, go for a light jog and gently build up your speed. Downloading an app like Strava can be a fantastic motivation; celebrate the little wins, like the fact that you managed to get out and exercise.

•Food is fuel: Ensuring you’re eating all the right foods is key to keeping your energy and immunity up. Carbohydrates are often marketed as unhealthy, but in fact, they are essential for energy. Complex carbohydrates are the best, as they’re full of nutrients and more filling due to their high fibre content. Examples include beans, wholewheat pasta, quinoa, apples and broccoli. Vitamin B12 helps turn food you eat into energy. It’s found in meat, fish and dairy, but there are plenty of supplements for vegans and vegetarians. Being low in iron can contribute
to feeling sluggish and fatigued. We don’t actually produce it, so it’s really important to have a variety of iron-rich foods in your diet, which includes leafy green vegetables, red meat and fortified foods, such as cereal. If you are not getting enough from your diet, Spatone is a natural iron supplement.

• Take a break: Allow yourself time to recover between activities. Whether it’s an afternoon power nap or a massage, a bit of self-care goes
a long way to allowing yourself back into your usual active lifestyle.