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Discover Foraging

Learn the art of foraging with the help of a new book.

Liz Knight, one of the leading wild food experts, has penned FORAGE: Wild Plants to Gather and Eat.

A celebration of 50 edible plants that can be found throughout the world, Liz explores the culture and history of our wild food. In her introduction, she explains:

“Over 200,000 of nearly 400,000 species of plants on earth are edible, from trees with leaves that make almond-tasting liqueurs, shrubs that are adorned with flowers full of the scent of coconut, to weeds that have roots that taste of cloves. This book is a mere glimpse into the incredibly delicious world of wild food, delving into 50 of the plants that make up a tiny part of the wild food that grows across the world.

“All of the plants featured in the book have been chosen not only because they are easy to identify, and abundant, but also because they are delicious and easy to use. No matter where in the temperate regions of the world you may be and regardless of whether you call the city or countryside your home, many of the plants featured in this book are growing nearby.”

Divided into plant types – trees, shrubs and climbers, perennials, biennials and annuals – each plant is accompanied by detailed illustrations, and notes about when different parts are in season, what they taste like and a selection of recipes, some newly developed, others steeped in history.