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Tone up with this new fitness app

If you are looking to tone and sculpt your body, then this fitness app is for you.

Krissy Cela is a fitness expert, who has created the Tone & Sculpt app, designed to help people look and feel better, both inside and out by making just a few simple lifestyle choices.

The app is a holistic approach to health and fitness, which is tailor-made to each user to ensure that it’s accessible to those of all shapes, sizes and abilities. It comes with comprehensive workout guides, tailored meal plans, challenges, 15-minute body blasters and more. Each workout includes video demonstrations on how to perform every exercise, and the app allows you to monitor your progress by tracking your weight, measurements, workouts and dietary intake.

It also offers a 12-week fitness plan with both at-home and gym workouts. These run in four-week cycles, with alternative exercise options and method details. In addition, Tone & Sculpt includes a personalised meal plan based on individual diet types, customised to personalised goals, which calculate the exact macros, calories, protein, fat and carbohydrates needed, all based on lifestyle.

The Tone & Sculpt app is available from the App Store and via Google Play.