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Confusion over healthiness of juices

New Irish research has revealed the public believes orange juice is a sugar sweetened drink. Some 42% of people admitted to mistakenly believing pure orange juice contains added sugar, in the research conducted by Fruit Juice Matters, a non-commercial educational initiative established to inform healthcare professionals about the proven health benefits of 100% fruit juice.

According to the new research, more than one in 10 (15%) of people avoid drinking 100% fruit juice because they think it’s unhealthy and one fifth of people rely on vitamin supplements rather than their diet to reach the daily vitamin C requirement, while a further 38% don’t monitor their vitamin C intake at all.

Dietician, Mary McCreery, commented: “Unlike sugar-sweetened beverages, 100% orange juice only contains naturally occurring sugars from the fruit itself, and recent international studies have further consolidated the fact that it has numerous health benefits – contributing to normal heart maintenance, reduced blood pressure and insulin resistance, and contrary to common misconceptions, it is not associated with weight gain or obesity.”

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