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Naturopathic college secures top accreditation for chef course

The College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) has secured a coveted accreditation for its Natural Chef course.

The course has received the Independent Cookery School Association (ICSA) accreditation, which recognises that CNM Natural Chefs abide by a set of ecologically sustainable, green and ethical principles. Sustainability is a pivotal part of the CNM philosophy and students are encouraged to choose locally sourced, seasonal produce, and are educated on the benefits these can bring to overall health.

According to Andrew Maxwell, ICSA Accreditation Assessor: “CNM meets all the mandatory criteria for ICSA accreditation. On the non-mandatory criteria, CNM scores highly and has set itself clear goals for improving where there is room to do so. The management have a clear understanding of their governance duties and are effective in performing them. There is a sense of leadership through inspiration. CNM has a general feel or being a ‘happy ship’. Students were clearly engaged and enjoying learning.”