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Training the right way

Keeping fit can be hard to fit in with busy lives and getting to the gym can be difficult. Which is where the Kaia Personal Trainer comes in.

Developed with physiotherapists and fitness experts, Kaia Personal Trainer is the first fitness smartphone app to use patent pending AI-powered motion tracking technology. The app tracks physical activity with a 16-point system that compares the metrics of actual movement against ideal movement, including the relative positions of limbs and joints – and the angles between them. The Kaia Personal Trainer counts the number of reps and provides real-time audio feedback to ensure exercises are done correctly.

The app creates personalised fitness routines, typically lasting 15 minutes daily, and instructs users across various exercises, including the side plank, bridge and reverse crunch. It covers all relevant body parts and muscle groups, including the lower back, core, glutes and hamstrings and adjusts difficulty levels based on feedback so users can exercise and feel confident they will not injure themselves.

Lukas Offinger, Training Specialist and Lead Sport Scientist at Kaia Health, commented: “When done correctly, even simple exercises can have a great benefit, while complex exercises done wrong can do more harm than good. Our patented AI-powered motion tracking technology ensures people can get fit correctly – and are one step closer to achieving better results.”